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Are you unsure ( or struggling) with how to guide your decision makers in what direction to take with your booked events? Cancel, Rebook or Carry on with Reduced attendance? Start with a vulnerability study to analyze these 3 options.

Pandemic Vulnerability Assessment

The Covid-19 cases and deaths are rising. The meeting and event industry is in crisis. With the current national mandate to shelter in place in order to turn escalating virus cases downward, most events scheduled in the next 1–4 months are likely to be canceled or rebooked for a later date. Planners must be proactive in developing a crisis response plan for their decision makers in order to assess the safety of their attendees and the financial, legal, and reputation risk of their organization.
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Brenda Rivers


Meeting Professional – Lawyer – Consultant – Trainer - Author

Brenda Rivers, President and founder of SAFE LLC, is a risk management expert who frequently speaks at major meetings industry events.

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The safety of attendees and security of events has always been a key concern for all event and meeting professionals, who recognize that people are an organization’s greatest assets. And while there certainly can be many threats whenever large groups of people gather, the meeting and event industry remains strong, given the importance companies place on face-to-face meetings to foster business development, social ties and cultural cohesion.

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