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Mitigating Meeting Disasters – Keep Attendees Safe in an Unsafe World

Meeting professionals are worried that they are not doing all they should to be prepared in the event a tragedy strikes their event. The hospitality industry lives in a state of “perceived confidence” vs “capable confidence.” Most don’t believe that a crisis will happen to them but if something did happen, they are confident (falsely, usually) that they will be able to quickly and successfully contain it.

The other kind of confidence, capable confidence, is the reassurance felt by people who have created a customized plan, who have a strategy, and know they have the tools at the ready to fulfill their duty of care.

SAFE seminars and event risk management keynotes focus on the common challenges of planners and organizers through facilitative crisis simulations.

brenda Rivers' event risk management keynotes will accomplish the following objectives for attendees:

1. Evaluate the current state of their organization’s ability to manage and event crisis

2. Recognize the planner and organizer’s legal obligations as event professionals to keep attendees safe

3. Understand the 6 key elements to design their risk management strategy.

Risk Management Training,

SAFE’s interactive and empowering risk management strategic training aims to prepare event management teams for potential major event crises and threats.

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Mitigating Meeting Disasters: Creating Safe Meetings in an Unsafe World

The safety of attendees and security of events has always been a key concern for all event and meeting professionals, who recognize that people are an organization’s greatest assets. And while there certainly can be many threats whenever large groups of people gather, the meeting and event industry remains strong, given the importance companies place on face-to-face meetings to foster business development, social ties and cultural cohesion.

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