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“Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs) have a greater responsibility to protect their attendees and therefore are exposed to greater liabilities. Brenda, being both a meeting planner and a lawyer, has unique insight into what meeting planners need to do legally and can explain it from a meeting planner's perspective.

Cynthia Vannucci, Ph.D., CHME, CHSP, CMP, Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Meet Brenda Rivers

Meeting Professional • Lawyer • Consultant • Trainer • Author • Risk Management Expert
Brenda Rivers, Founder of SAFE LLC

As the President of SAFE LLC, Rivers is recognized for her unique and practical risk management training and consulting for meeting organizers and planners.

She has been named a 2018 Meetings Today Trendsetter, as one of the leading meeting professionals to raise the alarm about how unprepared we are. Her risk management expertise is widely recognized throughout the industry.

Since 1992, when she founded Andavo Meetings, Incentives and Consulting, Rivers and her team have guided Fortune 1000 companies and non-profits through event disruptions and catastrophes including hurricanes, ice storms, serious medical emergencies, bomb threats, hecklers, homicide, and even a horse running wild! She firmly believes that with today’s climate unpredictability, natural disasters, pandemics, acts of terrorism, and active shooters there is a heightened duty of care for meeting sponsors to protect the safety of participants and safeguard the financial integrity and reputation of their organizations. In her experience Rivers finds that corporations have extensive risk management and legal teams who manage corporate risk, but most corporate crisis plans fail to address serious potential threats to an organization’s meetings and events. With a background in hospitality law, she is also certified by the Institute of Crisis Management.

In addition to training meeting teams, Rivers has spoken at the Hospitality Law Conference on the duty of care owed by organizations to keep their meeting attendees safe. Rivers has authored several white papers, a meeting risk management playbook, multiple event risk management articles, and is often quoted in other author’s work. 

CLients include:

3 simple ways to build your risk management strategy.


Ideal for creating or improving an existing risk management strategy
  • Assess your current state of preparedness
  • Develop a company standard operating procedure for meetings and events
  • Create a playbook for plug and play risk management with future events
  • Rehearse top foreseeable crises and communication responses


Reach large groups of meeting and event planners
  • Learn about capable confidence vs perceived confidence – which will protect your liability? 
  • Recognize the legal obligations of the planner/organizer
  • Discover 6 key elements to design a reliable risk management strategy


Interactive training to understand your organization's duty of care
  • Develop a written assessment of the organization’s current state of preparedness
  • Understand the 4 legal duty of care obligations plus the 6-stage methodology
  • Implement a vulnerability study and impact analysis to identify potential risks for all types of meetings and events
Published work


Managing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Mastering the Meeting Manager's Duties of Care

Understanding the Legal Liability of the Meeting Manager
Judge William Meyer (ret.) & Brenda Rivers, Esq.

Mitigating Meeting Disasters: Creating Safe Meetings in an Unsafe World

A Meeting Risk Management Whitepaper
Brenda Rivers, Esq.
Published work


Your Risk Management Playbook

Aired March 27, 2019 | Presented by Brenda Rivers
Published work

Articles and Interviews

We cannot credit you and your wonderful team enough for all of the hard work, long hours, and passion [SAFE] contributes to creating a long-lasting and successful event.​
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Mitigating Meeting Disasters: Creating Safe Meetings in an Unsafe World

The safety of attendees and security of events has always been a key concern for all event and meeting professionals, who recognize that people are an organization’s greatest assets. And while there certainly can be many threats whenever large groups of people gather, the meeting and event industry remains strong, given the importance companies place on face-to-face meetings to foster business development, social ties and cultural cohesion.

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