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This exclusive e-Course is hosted by expert, Brenda Rivers, and will guide you through creating your own Health and Safety Playbook.

E-BOOK: The Meeting and Event Health and Safety Playbook.

A Meeting Planner’s Design Guide for Safe and Successful Events
$ 249
  • The purpose of this playbook is to alter your mindset about risk management and teach the SAFE Approach™: a process to design, build, and execute resilient in-person meetings and events prepared for the next inevitable disruption or crises – from pandemics, hurricanes, active shooters, demonstrations, to any other foreseeable or unforeseeable crisis.
  • 6 Steps to Writing your Custom Event Health and Safety Plan
  • View Numerous Sample Crisis Response Plans
  • Get a Fillable PDF to Create Your Custom Plan
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E-COURSE: Rebuild SAFE & Secure Events in a Post-Pandemic World*

Release Date: June 30th
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  • Brenda Rivers, author of The Meeting and Event Health and Safety Playbook, is your exclusive guide in developing your own risk management plan for your upcoming events. Learn how to re-open your meetings and events with the confidence that you will keep your attendees safe and your clients protected.
  • Brenda Rivers will be your exclusive guide through the E-Book
  • Videos, worksheets, quizzes and templates help cement your learning and understanding
  • *Eligible for 6 CEU credits
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Mitigating Meeting Disasters: Creating Safe Meetings in an Unsafe World

The safety of attendees and security of events has always been a key concern for all event and meeting professionals, who recognize that people are an organization’s greatest assets. And while there certainly can be many threats whenever large groups of people gather, the meeting and event industry remains strong, given the importance companies place on face-to-face meetings to foster business development, social ties and cultural cohesion.

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