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The SAFE Approach™: Interactive and empowering risk management methods and training to prepare event teams for potential threats and major crises.

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The hospitality industry’s struggle to consistently exercise proper duty of care to mitigate risk, not only imperils the well-being of attendees, but also jeopardizes the survival of organizations.

In today’s world of uncertainty, companies have risk management and legal teams to oversee corporate risk, however, most corporate crisis management plans fail to address threats to corporate meetings and events. This leaves company organizers and planners at risk for legal liability, financial loss, and brand damage.
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SAFE LLC offers a unique and practical event risk management training and consulting program for meeting planners and organizations.

With our easily digestible four pronged, SAFE Approach™, this method guides you to create your organization's customized risk management strategy.

A crisis can happen at any time, anywhere.

Are you and your event team prepared for inclement weather, civil unrest, terrorism, bomb threat, active shooter, power outage, fire, contagious disease, medical emergency, death, theft of personal property, cyber fraud, political upheaval, guns in the meeting, and new laws that might threaten meeting outcomes?

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Event Risk Management

How to Leverage Travel Risk Management to Develop a Meetings and Events Plan

Duty of care principles are well settled in travel management. Companies must have travel policies in place to protect traveler safety and not send them into harm’s way. Similarly, companies organizing meetings and events have a duty of care to put attendee safety first and take reasonable steps to ensure the right people are in the right places to provide fast and seamless responses when a meeting is threatened by a crisis or disruption.

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Prepare Your Team

The SAFE Approach™

Our event risk management approach is designed around Four Duty of Care Standards, to guide corporate event management teams to design and develop their own customized, standard operating procedures for meeting and event risk management.


SAFE Risk Management Consulting

Produce a customized risk management strategy for a new and upcoming event


  • A typical SAFE Consulting project culminates with the production of the risk management strategy for a new and upcoming event. The steps followed include:  Purpose, Prepare, Plan, Respond, Recover and Debrief. 


  • We begin with a due diligence period to determine the organization’s current state of preparedness to handle an event crisis. Using a past event as the model, the planning team will participate in tabletop crisis scenarios to further assess their readiness to act in the event the top ten foreseeable crises were to strike their event.  

  • Based on the team’s individual and collective reactions in a mock crisis, the team will next develop risk management guidelines which are replicable and customizable for all types of events and destinations.

  • A SAFE Risk Management Project averages 8 hours of due diligence and 4 in-person sessions of 3 hours each with the planning teams. We includes the book: “Guide to Developing an Event Risk Management Playbook”, plus 18 customizable emergency preparedness templates. The average size of group is 6 – 24 people.


SAFE Keynotes and Plenary Presentations

Reach large groups of event planners and hospitality industry partners


  • To touch the collective conscience of the audience because all meeting planners are concerned that they haven’t done enough to prepare for an event disruption or crisis.


  • This presentation includes a focused discussion of the 4 duty of care standards that apply to planners, hotels, and other event hospitality partners. Using a specific crisis case study such as COVID-19, we hone in on the key elements for a risk management strategy.

  • A short tabletop crisis scenario or a group readiness poll is included, if practical, and serves to move the audience out of comfort zones and share challenges and feelings with each other.


SAFE Live Training and Webinars

Roll up your sleeves and bring your worst nightmare to the table. ​


  • To prepare participants to create their own risk management plan that is replicable for any kind of crisis or type of event.


  • Four hour in-person training or series of two, two hour webinars allows the participant to bring their own crisis dilemma to test their ability to prepare for the worst.

  • Participants walk away with a playbook that contains eighteen templates to create the organization’s current state, the event vulnerability study, identification of resources and responders, the crisis response plan, communication strategy, and recovery/debrief action list. For those participants who are still overwhelmed, the final takeaway is a “Top Ten Actions” for a risk management plan.

“Brenda Rivers [SAFE LLC] is the best in the business when it comes to Event Risk Management strategy and planning. Her professionalism and expertise have been paramount in our working relationship.”
Sara Arp

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Learn how to re-open your meetings and events with the confidence that you will keep your attendees safe and your clients protected.

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Mitigating Meeting Disasters: Creating Safe Meetings in an Unsafe World

The safety of attendees and security of events has always been a key concern for all event and meeting professionals, who recognize that people are an organization’s greatest assets. And while there certainly can be many threats whenever large groups of people gather, the meeting and event industry remains strong, given the importance companies place on face-to-face meetings to foster business development, social ties and cultural cohesion.

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